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Bed Bug Treatment Checklist

This checklist will help you prepare for your upcoming bed bug treatment. The following list must be completed prior to the treatment. Failure to comply with this list will result in a decrease in the effectiveness of the treatment. This will also increase the length of time to properly eliminate the current infestation.

1. All items blocking access to the baseboard and carpet edges around the room need to be moved away from the wall, but NOT out of the infested room. Baseboards and carpet edges provide an excellent harborage for bed bugs.

2. All contents of the dressers, nightstands and closets should be placed in plastic garbage bags and securely tied until they reach the washer/dryer machine. This should be done in the infested room to prevent spreading the bed bugs throughout the residence. All items that are “dryer safe” should be placed in the dryer on high heat for at least ten minutes and brought back into the infested room only after the living space has been treated. If items are to be washed, then use the hottest water setting when practical.

3. Items that are dry clean only should be bagged as described above in #2 and brought to the dry cleaners. Dry cleaners should be notified of the infested items so the infestation does not spread within the facility.

4. All other items such as lamps, clocks, computers, radios, TV’s, hanging pictures, etc should be left in the infested room or residence for inspection and treatment. All these items provide harborage for bed bugs and if not properly inspected can be a source of re-infestation.

5. Remove and bag all items under the bed prior to treatment by a Buggin Out professional. Once space is treated, items should be inspected and cleaned before being placed back under the bed (See Point # 2).

6. DO NOT discard mattresses or furniture until a Buggin Out pest management professional does an inspection. Mattresses and furniture may not need to be discarded if infestation is minimal. New mattresses or furniture should NOT be purchased until after the infestation has been eliminated. Mattress covers do offer some protection from bed bugs by trapping them in the encasements. The bed bug will eventually die over a period of a year. These do not replace any other treatment methods.

7. Buggin Out must be notified of any allergies, chemical sensitivities, or similar medical conditions prior to treatment.

8. Pets must be removed during the inspection and treatment. All pet bedding must be laundered (See Point # 2).


It is extremely important not to remove any items from the infested residence before treatment. By doing this you increase the possibilities of spreading the bed bugs to other rooms or residences.

Because bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers they may enter the residence through luggage, furniture, clothing, boxes, backpacks, etc. when these items are moved between rooms, apartments, hotels and homes.

Used furniture poses the greatest risk of harboring bed bugs and their eggs especially bed frames and mattresses. One should think carefully about bringing in used or salvaged furniture into their homes.


Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs only feed on human blood in the absence of all other warm-blooded sources.
  • A single bed bug can produce 300-500 clustered eggs, and it would take a bit more than a month for these to develop into the adult stage.
  • Bed bugs can survive from 7 months to an entire year without feeding, and they can withstand very dry and very humid conditions.
  • Bed bugs feed on birds and may thrive on the warm blood of your pets.
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