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Tick Control

tick pictureAs small as they are, ticks pose a serious health risk to you, your family and your pets by transmitting the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. The best way to manage that risk is through an integrated pest management approach using a combination of personal protection, landscape management and a professional tick extermination strategy.

Buggin Out's Integrated Tick Management Program begins with a thorough inspection of your home and landscaping.

Buggin Out will provide tips for your personal protection and create a customized extermination program tailored to your specific needs.

Our customized program incorporates targeted applications to exterminate tickticks populations in the areas where ticks are likely to live, breed and feed whether they are on a host or living within the landscape environment. It is this combination of tactics that will deliver the greatest possible protection against ticks and the diseases they carry.

According to the Center for Disease Control, Lyme disease is the most commonly reported vector borne illness in the U.S. Call Buggin Out today and ask about our Integrated Tick Control Program.

Tick Facts

  • Although ticks cannot run, hop, fly or move quickly, they are very good climbers.
  • Adult ticks live for several years, and in the absence of a blood meal can survive several years of starvation.
  • Ticks require a habitat with a very high humidity (greater than 80%), so they are seldom found living indoors.
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