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Termite Prevention Tips

subterranean termiteRemember that termites need to have two things to thrive: water and wood. The areas close to the home where water and wood connect produce a thriving ground for subterranean termites. Keep in mind that infested wood might appear rotten. Here are some tips to help keep your house free from harm.

Firewood should be kept away from the home. Keep firewood outside the house right up until needed. Stack firewood off the ground and make sure that air is able to flow through the stack. Firewood must be kept off the ground due to the fact subterranean termites often live at ground level.

Occasionally subterranean termites are obvious. If you discover subterranean termites within your firewood, use all of the wood immediately.

Clear away tree stumps. Subterranean termites typically reside in tree stumps even if you can't see them.

Do not permit vegetation to grow around the air vents.

Through the course of remodeling, do not bury wood waste.

Examine the base of your house. Ensure that damaged concrete joints are sealed. Termites are able to gain access by using a fracture 1/64 inch wide.

Never allow water to accumulate near the foundation of your house.

Ensure that your house is adequately ventilated to eliminate dampness in crawl spaces.

Be sure that water runoff is guided away from your home. Thoroughly clean downspouts and rain gutters routinely.

Plumbing and roof leaks need to be fixed in a timely manner. termites

Prevent most earth to wood contact. Make certain that wood steps are off the ground. Regularly inspect trellises, wooden steps and lattice work for termite issues. Steer clear of connecting wooden trellises to your home. In the event that lattice work is attached to your house, guarantee that its 6-8 inches above the ground.

Don't allow standing water near your house. Opt for pea gravel or maybe crushed rock over landscaping mulch. In the event that thick mulch ends up being used, maintain mulch away from wooden exterior siding. Make use of mulch sparingly near the house.

Examine clothes dryer air vents as well as air conditioning equipment condensation lines for possible entry points.

You should always pretreat before construction. Keep in mind that your regular lawn and garden maintenance time offers an excellent opportunity to continue to keep watch for subterranean termites.



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