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Buggin Out Termite and Pest Control Service Of Florida

Citrus Springs Pest Control Services

Buggin Out offers the widest range of pest control services to protect your Citrus Springs home, including the elimination and control of the most destructive pests like termites and other WDO, household pests, and carpenter ants, and provide comprehensive general household pest protection.


Citrus Springs Facts

Citrus Springs was developed by the Mackle family, a prominent real estate development family, to be used as a subdivision consisting of over 34,000 homesties. An interesting note is that Elkcam Blvd, a prominent street in Citrus Springs, is actually Mackle backwards. The area currently has 2 elementary schools [Citrus Springs Elementary School and Central Ridge Elementary School, opened fall 2008] and 1 middle school [Citrus Springs Middle School]. There are plans for an 80-acre (320,000 m2) high school campus complete with public park, but construction is not planned in the near future.[4] Phosphate mining also played a major part in the history of the Citrus County until the end of WWII in which phosphate mining was largely moved overseas. The first newspaper of Citrus County was called the Phosphate Times. Many abandoned mines stretch along the Withlacoochee River basin, with a concentration of those within Citrus Springs. Some of those areas can be seen at one of Citrus Springs two golf courses, El Diablo. Many of those mines were part of the Dunnellon Phosphate company, headed by Capt John L. Inglis, a veteran of the Civil War. Areas near northeastern Citrus Springs, being included as part of a proposed unfinished portion of the Cross Florida Barge Canal to aid the transportation of the mineral.

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