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Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System

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Effective, reliable termite control.

Durable, dependable, rugged and professional, the Hex-Pro™ Termite Baiting System uses the stopping power of Shatter™ termite bait to effectively destroy the termite colony with minimal impact on the environment.

Environmentally Friendly.
 shatter termite bait

For more than 10 years, Shatter termite bait has been proven to rid properties of termite colony infestations in a less invasive and more targeted way than traditional liquid termiticide treatments, which dispense hundreds of gallons of diluted chemical solution into the environment. By comparison, the Hex-Pro System uses a few grams of Shatter termite bait where termite activity is discovered or expected.

With the Hex-Pro System, there is no drilling in floors, trenching around structures or messy chemical mixtures. That means less worry about chemical spills and well contamination.

The active ingredient in Shatter termite bait received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative based on its low impact on human health; low toxicity to birds, fish and plants; and low potential for groundwater contamination compared with other commercially available alternatives.

Here's how the Hex-Pro System works:
  1. It starts with a professional inspection of the property for signs of termites.
  2. Hex-Pro termite stations are placed in the soil in prime termite-foraging areas around the property. (In areas of known termite activity, auxiliary Hex-Pro termite stations also may be installed and baited immediately.)
  3. Hex-Pro termite stations are checked regularly for signs of termite activity.
  4. When termites are found in the Hex-Pro termite stations, they are transferred to a bait cartridge placed in the stations. The bait cartridge contains Shatter termite bait. In cases where baited auxiliary Hex-Pro™ termite stations are installed immediately, transferring termites is unnecessary.
  5. Termites feed on Shatter termite bait, tunnel back to their colony and send their nestmates back to feed on the bait. Generally, after several weeks, the termite colony declines and eventually is destroyed.
  6. After the termites have been controlled, used bait cartridges are replaced with wood monitors. You continue to check for signs of new termite activity as long as the property owner’s service agreement continues.

Providing peace of mind for the property owner.

High-quality product. The Hex-Pro System is from Dow AgroSciences — a recognized leader in termite solutions and the first company to develop a monitor/bait system more than 10 years ago.

Installed and serviced by professionals.

With the visibility of Hex-Pro termite stations and ongoing monitoring by a pest management professional, property owners are provided with evidence of termite protection.

Preferred treatment approach.

Market research proves that monitor/bait systems are preferred by property owners over liquid chemical treatments. These systems have attributes consumers want, such as being environmentally sensible and less invasive.