Cockroach Extermination

One of the most wide-spread insects infesting restaurants, food processing plants and other commercial facilities in the Tampa Bay area including Citrus, Hillsborough, Hernando, Pinellas, and Pasco counties is the cockroach. There are about 50 species of cockroaches present in the United States. The two most frequently identified species in commercial environments include the American and German cockroach.


Most individuals find the simple idea of cockroaches repulsive and unpleasant; could you picture what it might do to your bottom line if shoppers began seeing cockroaches in your business? In the modern competitive environment, you must protect your good reputation and brand; just one cockroach can drive away even your most true customers and certainly dissuade new customers.


Cockroaches are drawn to warm, wet environments. They spend the daytime in dark, remote sites under refrigerators, ovens, false bottoms in kitchen cabinets, in the backs of cabinets and in crevices between baseboards and flooring or cabinets and walls. The insects appear through the night to look for food and water. As scavengers they are going to devour anything at all organic and favor starches, sweets, grease, and meat products. They will also nourish by other items which includes cheese, beer, hair, and starch in book bindings, flakes of dried skin or decaying organic matter (plant or animal).

Even though these annoying vermin can live on almost nothing, with moist food preparation areas, a fresh supply of foodstuff waste material and easy access on food bins and bags, you’ll be able to realize why they would be drawn to commercial kitchen areas and food handling facilities.


Cockroaches cause an important health risk to your employees and customers. They can carry sickness bacteria which can trigger dysentery, typhoid, and gastroenteritis. Many people are highly sensitive to the cockroach’s stench and waste material that can contaminate food prep areas and utensils leading them to have allergic attacks or bronchial asthma problems.


All sorts of food establishments, the newest, the nicest, as well as the costliest are all susceptible to pest infestations. What’s promising, there are several safety measures than can be taken to prevent a roach situation. Steps such as emptying rubbish often, ensuring dishes and kitchen equipment are washed each night, using long lasting, sealable food containers for storage, and never making it possible for cardboard boxes and other items to linger.


The easiest way to stop an infestation and stop a new one from occurring is always to get in touch with Buggin Out Termite and Pest Control company. They are aware of the restrictions that business facilities need to follow regarding pest control and can make it easier to gain control over your cockroach infestation safely and effectively.

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