Once A Year Fire Ant Treatment For Your Lawn

Fire Ants have become a painful addition to the Florida landscape. But we can control fire ants in your yard all year long with just one application. Our service comes with a one year warranty which means that there is no charge if we have to return to treat new Fire Ant mounds. One application of TOPCHOICE, once a year and your fire ant problem is solved for one year. GUARANTEED


Fire Ant Treatment – Common Questions

We broadcast a fine granular product that dissolves in moisture. This product bonds with the organic thatch layer of your lawn. Ants are eliminated when they work the soil in the treated areas.

Yes. We ask that you water your lawn within 48 hours after treatment to help the product dissolve from its granular form. Water your lawn normally after that.

The product works in the thatch layer of the lawn. After watering the lawn and it dries, TopChoice binds tightly to the organic matter helping to resist run off and also making it great to use where children and pets play.

No. Just make sure pets are secured indoors and gates are unlocked.

In most cases, your Fire ant problem will be gone in less than 4-6 weeks.

Give the program 4-6 weeks to work. After that, if you find a mound, disturb it to see if it has active ants. Most mounds will not have any activity. If the mound is active, contact our service department. We will come back and eliminate the problem at no charge—guaranteed.

No. The treatment is not harmful to lawns in any way. Top Choice has been tested on all types of grasses and landscapes.

Yes. Reducing the pest pressure from the outside is the best way to help reduce problems on the inside of your home.