Flea & Tick Control

Carpets, tile, floor rugs and even joints between wood flooring can become a home for fleas and their eggs. Fleas can also find a home in furniture cushions and pet pillows. Buggin Out has the expertise to eliminate fleas from your home or business. Pre-adult fleas can make up as much as 99% of a flea population. It is important to control not just the adult fleas, but all four stages of a flea infestation. Buggin Out uses high quality products that impact fleas in all stages of growth. We apply growth regulators to keep pre-adult fleas from maturing and breeding. Our products can control fleas for up to seven months.


Treating requires the customer’s help in a few areas before service:


1.  Pets must be treated for fleas and kept away during treatment (many customers take their pets to be dipped during the time they need to leave the structure – see number 6 below)

2.  Infested areas must be cleared (even under beds)

3.  Vacuum all rugs and mop all floors – seal and dispose of the vacuum bag outside – this is a very important step

4.  Mow the yard if the outside is to be treated

5.  Show us where your pets rest or where the infestation is the worst

6.  Prepare to leave after the structure is treated for 2-4 hours

7.  Limit traffic over treated areas for 24 hours


After the service is completed, these instructions should be followed:


♦  Give the insecticide time to work – it is common to see fleas up to 3 weeks after service as pupae emerge from their protective cocoons.

♦  Vacuum daily (if possible) to stimulate the emergence of the pupae so they become exposed to insecticide. The vacuum noise and vibration will stimulate the pupae to emerge.


Fleas exposed to the insecticide may still bite while the product is affecting them. So, biting fleas does not always mean the treatment needs to be re-done.

As small as they are, ticks pose a serious health risk to you, your family, and your pets by transmitting the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. The best way to manage that risk is through an integrated pest management approach using a combination of personal protection, landscape management and a professional tick extermination strategy.


Buggin Out’s Integrated Tick Management Program begins with a thorough inspection of your home and landscaping.


Buggin Out will provide tips for your personal protection and create a customized extermination program tailored to your specific needs.


Our customized program incorporates targeted applications to exterminate tick populations in the areas where ticks are likely to live, breed, and feed whether they are on a host or living within the landscape environment. It is this combination of tactics that will deliver the greatest possible protection against ticks and the diseases they carry.


According to the Center for Disease Control, Lyme disease is the most commonly reported vector borne illness in the U.S. Call Buggin Out today and ask about our Integrated Tick Control Program.

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