Buggin out In-Wall Tube System

What are in-wall tubes?

In-wall pest control tubes are devices installed during the home building process. Perforated tubing is inserted into a home’s walls as a part of construction. That tubing is then linked to treatment ports located on the outside of your home.  This allows for us inject treatment products into the walls of your home without the need for you leave or be concerned about any chemicals being accessible to those in your household.  Once a quarter, we activate the in-wall system, inject pesticide solution into the ports, and that creates a barrier keeping pests away.  Contact Buggin Out and schedule your service today!

Advantages of In Wall Tubes

They’re installed when the house is being built, which means no mess or fuss after you are already moved into the home. This must be installed when the house is built and cannot be added later. However, if you are planning a new build, give us a call and we can help you review your options.

Treatment is injected into the walls, where bugs breed, feed and travel. The solution reaches pests where it’s hardest to reach them. Traditional pest controls services may still be needed, but are far fewer and are not required.

The product stays inside the wall, keeping it safe from children and pets. Eliminates chemicals being sprayed (over and over again) in your home and there are no chemical odors like traditional pest services can leave behind.

You won't have to leave you home. You don't even need to be home. Our technician simply has to come and inject it into the ports outside.

The cost is no higher that what you'd pay for regular pest control and may even be less. Plus, the tubes are made of durable materials so they will last a long time. It may be more of a upfront cost during construction, but it will prevent multiple trips with conventional pest control services saving you money over time.

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