Residential Pest Control Service - "The Buggin Out Advantage"

Buggin Out offers the widest range of pest control services to protect your home, including the elimination and control of the most destructive pests like termites and other WDO, household pests, and carpenter ants, and provide comprehensive general household pest protection.


Our service includes the 6-Step “Buggin Out Advantage” Quarterly Residential Pest Control Service conducted by a trained pest technician whose only goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied. Our Quarterly residential pest control service is 100% guaranteed. If you have pest problems in between regularly scheduled visits, we will retreat your home free of charge.


Our guaranteed quarterly residential pest control service includes coverage for ants (including carpenter, ghost, pharaoh, crazy and white footed), cockroaches (including German, American, smokey brown and Australian), occasional invaders, spiders, firebrats, and wasps.


Once we have your pest problems under control on the inside of the home, we can keep it pest free by treating the outside of your home where the pests live. This reduces exposure of pesticides to your family and pets.


If you should have a pest problem in between your regular scheduled exterior services, just call our office. We will return at no cost to you and retreat the affected area.


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Residential Pest Control Tips:


♦  Seal all holes or cracks with caulk, put copper mesh over large holes, seal holes around plumbing/piping, keep doors and windows closed and screened, and remove clutter

♦  Clean spills and store food in air-tight containers

♦  Keep grass short, place plants away from home exterior, and remove ivy from exterior walls

  • Keep tree limbs trimmed at least 2 feet from home and clean gutters yearly

The 6-Step Buggin Out Advantage

  • Step 1

    Inspecting your home's interior/exterior to identify areas of potential pest problems.

  • Step 2

    Remove spider webs and sweep all accessible soffit, fascia and porch areas for hornets/wasps up to 20’ high.

  • Step 3

    Perimeter spray of the exterior of home including adjacent landscaping to exclude pest problems before they get into your home.

  • Step 4

    Treat entry points around all accessible windows and doors, porch and pool areas to keep pest problems from gaining entry into your home.

  • Step 5

    Treat all accessible soffit, fascia and porch areas up to 15’ high.

  • Step 6

    Provide a detailed service report and preventive tips to keep your home pest-free between scheduled treatments.

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